Friday, January 06, 2006

Green green grass of Kudremukh

A month back, I visited the place where I did my twelve years of schooling, a place i stayed for my first sixteen years of my life. Here are some of the pics I took. Western Ghat are one of 18 hot-spots of bio-diversity in the world (UNO recognised). Kudremukh is in the heart of western ghats. Eastern Himalayas is the only other hot-spot in India. The iron ore mines in Kudremukh has been ordered to shut down ro prevent any further destruction to the eco-system. It should be seen as a major step in India's effort to environmental conservation. Here is the glimpse of the forest that surrounds Kudremukh.

Hanumangundi Falls.....

Inside the Bhagwathi Forests....

Amidst the trees.....

Picturesque, isn't it?

Hey Shankin, did you actually take those pictures or did you cut and paste? It sure is beautiful. There are a lot of such places in western ghats. Can get scary driving through them though.
i took them, check it out in my digicam that i got here. Scary? i was born there. I have driven my car alone on those roads everyday during vacations. Too bad it will be a while before I have another chance to visit such a place
amazing pics. u've done good.
Cool pics! Malnad's awesome man! Had been there last summer, but just for a day :(
hey reminds me of kudremukh man!sad ll b leavin it soon....feelin so nostalgic bout it.....awesome mail 'em 2 me...n wat s so scary bout it?ve never seen ne thin more serene n beautiful ever in my lifetime...don ve ne desire 2 do do 2....
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