Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Message From dean Students

Somehow , our dean(students) had come to conclusion that saarang causes students of IIT-M to take up drinking and smoking in order to become co-ordinators of various events and depts. of saarang. He talked about banning saarang for 2 years so as to curb it down. Now, no one knows how how came to that conclusion and frankly he was being 5 year old when he was speaking to us that day.

neat one da!very imaginative...
do attempt more of these.

would have said the same to you long back when i saw it, but it just slipped my mind.

read you saarang application too.
cool one.

keep it comin.
thanks for the comment...but...who are you?
Good one, but i had already seen it. You sent it by mail, remember.
did ya make up calvin and hobbes' lines in the cartton strip?
yes, i did...this was after a long long ....90 min speach by the dean that we take drugs etc to be part of saarang and neglect acads blah blah
Every year this issue comes up...only ths time it has gone public. just came to know today that saarang was passed by senate without much debate.
Actually, I drink only during Saarang.
If they cancel Saarang, I'll be forced to go to some other college's fest.

i hope you dont speak to our dean about this
like whatever dean says made a difference.
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